It’s a difficult period and from everything we hear and read, it’s not going to get less difficult in the short-term future. So, in my view, we have two choices, either we can follow the example of our friend pictured above and stick our head in the sand in the hope it’ll all go away, or, we can take inspiration from the Chinese characters for crisis represented by Danger and Opportunity.

Circumstances are what they are, we can’t always control them, however, we can control how we perceive them. Once we become aware of this fact and how powerful it is, we can confidently take our head out of the sand and confront situations with an entirely different outlook.

Therefore, in times of crisis, yes, we must tread carefully, but let’s not put blinkers on our creativty, on adventure. Now is a time to innovate, to think out of the box, so why not take advantage of it ?

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  • Katerina:

    That’s great!
    I’d like to add a line or two
    Crisis : the etymology of the word is from Latinized greek and it initially meant the turning point in a disease( Thanks good old Hippocrates!!). Later on it took the meaning of  » judgement, selection ».
    Well, it means that the moment to judge what is important has come. Later on the root of the word took the meaning of boundary or border.
    Together with your chinese symbols I think it means , stop think and throw the boundaries open to creat something new( here s your opportunity) :)

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