If Music Be The Food Of Presentation…

What if the structure of a musical composition could inspire us when structuring our presentations?

A composer creates his music with the firm  goal of enticing people to listen to it, from beginning to end. Therefore he structures it in such a way that he guides us throughout the composition. He uses repetition, variation of tone, contrast as he builds his story. He structures the emotions he wants us to feel, balancing the intense and sometimes complex with the light and simple. There is a beginning, a middle and often rising to a crescendo at the end.

So why not think about our presentation as a musical composition? Reflect on the way we could structure it to captivate our audience, imagine how we could guide them through the different movements, combining fact and emotion, using repetition, variation of tone and contrast to convey our message, building to a final crescendo that will inspire them to action.

Nancy Duarte (Duarte Design) posted a video clip visualizing the stucture of  Mozart’s « Eine kleine Nachtmusik » and demonstrating this lesson we can learn. It’s absolutely wonderful. Click here to see it.

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