Documents vs Slides

The next time you’re putting together a « presentation », ask yourself some essential questions about the final destination for your work. This a great video by Nancy Duarte in which she explains very clearly the spectrum of presentation documents and Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »

Making it happen!

The summer’s almost over and for some it hasn’t even been a summer! The economic crisis is back (if it ever went away). The French Presidential election is just next year… A combination that often creates a « wait-and-see » position in many businesses. Consequently it’s going to be even tougher to get that client decision, to infuse them with enthusiasm and energy, to ensure that you are on their (very) short-list.

So how can you make it happen? How can you show your difference? How can you be THE ONE the client remembers after the batch of presentations? Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »

Presentations: Roadmap & Risk

The aim of a presentation is often to get your audience to take action of some sort, to adopt your proposal, to adhere to your convictions… Therefore you have to plan their journey, the roadmap to get them to move from their present position of inaction to action. They have to leave the room committed, and this entails careful planning.

Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »

Does Presenting Data Have To Be Heavy?

On my continuing crusade about how important it is to INVOLVE your audience in your presentation, to GRAB them, to TAKE them on your presentation journey, some of my clients raise the question of data presentation. Their clients WANT to see data, even if it’s boring, even if its heavy. They have to present it because the  figures are real stats that translate meaningfully into profit or loss, engagement or lassitude, etc… Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »

Who Is The Hero Of Your Presentation?

To follow on from my last post about daring to be different, the question to consider is « Who is the hero of your presentation? » Well, it’s likely the majority of presenters will cry out « ME, of course » -  a reasonable assumption but WRONG!

The hero of your presentation is your audience, the people you want to take action or carry your message as a result of your intervention. Because, if you consider it, the aim of almost every presentation is to convince or motivate or inform in such a way that the audience will be called to take action of some kind, it might be buying a strategy, giving concensus, contributing to a cause,  changing daily habits…  Therefore, you, as the presenter are not the hero but the instigator, the coach, the mentor. The person who incites the audience to become the hero. Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »

Another Boring Presentation!

How many times do your clients think that ?  Probably far more than you’d like to imagine !

How many times do you notice that stifled yawn or those drooping eyelids…?

Can you imagine what it would be like to stand out for a change ?

To feel the fired enthusiasm of your public ?

To understand that you can really make a difference ? Wouldn’t you like to be able to demonstrate your uniqueness ?

You spend a lot of time (and probably money) putting your high-stakes presentation together, you have what it takes to respond to the pitch… but you lose it when it comes to bringing it alive in the presentation room ! Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »

« Son of a Pitch » Presentation Master Class


Un concept de pointe dans le développement de compétences et de techniques de présentation

Vous n’apprenez pas simplement comment préparer et mener une recommandation en anglais, vous êtes réellement amenés à mettre ces compétences en pratique « in-situ »!

Ceci n’est pas «un cours d’anglais » sur le langage de présentation.

S’adressant aux agences de communication et de marketing, ce séminiaire est entièrement adapté à votre activité, à vos besoins, à vos préoccupations, c’est du véritable coaching, dont les points abordés vous serviront pour toutes vos interventions en anglais (et en français!) Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »

The Power Of Words

I’d like to thank Paul Steinbrueck from the Communication Professionals group on LinkedIn for bringing attention to this video. It’s a great example of how we can change the impact of our communication by taking  our message and rephrasing it in terms that really mean something to our audience. Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »


My Presentation Guru, Nancy Duarté has written two books on presentations. The first « Slide:ology », a marvel for all presenters attached to PowerPoint!

And « Resonate », which, in my humble opinion, is the future for great presentations. Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »

How to Stand Out from the Competition in the Presentation Room

You’ve got a high-stakes presentation to make, you’re up against three/four competitors. Maybe if you’re number one on the list to present, you’ll be lucky, but after that, how are you going to make the difference in a world where everyone presents in the same way? Lire la suite de cet article et/ou voir la vidéo »


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